PHOST (PHysics of Oscillating STars)

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PHysics of Oscillating STars

Stars represent laboratory sites for physical processes much beyond the experiments that may be performed on Earth. The detection and analysis of stellar oscillation modes lead to direct insight of the deep layers of the Sun and the stars.

This requires revisiting our knowledge of stellar physics in various ways, with the help of high performance computer networks. Such studies are fundamental for a better understanding and characterization of the stars themselves, their planetary systems and their environment.

This international conference intends to gather scientists interested in the most recent results on stellar physics that have been obtained through studies of stellar oscillations, from pre-main-sequence T Tauri stars to the end states of White Dwarfs.

This conference honours the life work of Professor Hiromoto Shibahashi,
from Tokyo University. 



The conference will be held at the Oceanographic Observatory, Banyuls-sur-mer (France). 



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